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A4 Lunar Calendar 2024
A4 Lunar Calendar 2024
A4 Lunar Calendar 2024
A4 Lunar Calendar 2024
A4 Lunar Calendar 2024
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Product Description

2024 Moon Charts 

These beautiful A4 prints list full moon names and moon cycles as well as meteor showers. Perfect for those who want to learn more about the night sky, go camping under the Perseid Meteor shower or for a night time stroll under a Strawberry moon. Printed using eco friendly inks on premium heavyweight recycled paper and packaged in a compostable clear sleeve.

We love these lunar charts for planning our moon gazey swims - at New Moon or Full Moon. Time for a bit of night swimming with our tow floats and adventure lights so we glow in the water. Photo credits go to Coral at salt.images for her 12 Moon Swim Series and Salty Seabird Julia Claxton. Photos all taken at our Salty Seabirds' Moon Swims. 

When you buy from a Social Enterprise like Seabirds you fund out Community Swim Fund - championing sea swimming for good mental health and helping more people to learn to swim and be safe in the sea. 

"The design and artwork is beautiful. The moon phases each month on the calendar are easy to understand. 

It was the perfect birthday present from my son."

"This was a bit of a wildcard gift, but it's beautiful and very loved, small handy size and wonderful artwork."



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A4 Lunar Calendar 2024

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Lunar Calendar for 2024 A4. Plan your moon gazey swims.