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Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024
Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024
Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024
Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024
Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024
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Product Description

Introducing the Seabirds Arctic Tern Winter Swim Challenge!

Dive into the chilly depths of this year's Seabird Challenge, running from November 1st to April 30th. Embrace the thrill of cold water swims all within the icy embrace of the sea (or any other not-heated/cold water) during the winter months.

This challenge isn't just about swimming; it's a celebration of year-round swim joy and raising money for a great cause. Your entry is as flexible as your donation level. Upon conquering this icy journey, you'll receive an exclusive Seabirds woven badge (we're mailing them again this year) and a certificate.

At Seabirds, we're all about promoting the transformative power of sea swimming on wellbeing. Display your proud Arctic Tern achievement with our badge, flaunting your cold water, salty superpowers to the world. SaltyAF!

The funds raised will fuel the Seabirds Community Swim Fund, supporting swim kit and lessons for non-swimmers, with a particular emphasis on bringing more ethnically diverse communities into the water.

Please note that you must be 18 or older to participate in this challenge.

In addition, you can also purchase Arctic Tern swim hats, T-shirts, or hoodies, significantly boosting your donation and serving as wonderful mementos of your winter aquatic endeavors.

As an Arctic Tern participant, you'll have exclusive access to our closed Facebook group, a haven for fellow Salty Seabirds taking on the challenge. Expect regular swim meet-ups and a treasure trove of advice on cold water swimming.

Choosing your challenge level is simple:

  • PENGUIN: Dip in once a month, wearing anything you like (even paddling counts).
  • PUFFIN: Brave the water four times a month, dressed in any attire (full neoprene gear still counts).
  • NORTHERN GANNET: Take the plunge once a month, donning a swimsuit, gloves, boots, and a hat.
  • SNOW BUNTING: Face the cold four times a month, outfitted in a swimsuit, gloves, boots, and a hat.
  • ARCTIC TERN: Tackle the challenge head-on, swimming four times a month wearing only a swimsuit and a hat.

Here's how it all works:

1. Choose your challenge level and sign up. 
2. Swim your swims at your own pace, you can start on one level and change - keeping it safe is the key.
3. Log your swims using the provided journal if you wish – we trust your aquatic integrity!
4. Share happy frozen/radiant swim photos on Social Media, tagging us along the way.

Remember, we can't control the sea's temperature, so be prepared for a potentially extra chilly experience during cold spells. If you're away, feel free to record a swim in a river, lake, or lido.

This challenge is all about personal growth and fun; there are no check-ins or judgments. Prioritize safety, know your limits, and swim with confidence!

Please note that this year, we're charging postage for badge delivery as our community has grown too vast for collection and hand delivery. We appreciate your understanding.

Photo credits to the talented Julia Claxton.

Stay tuned for resources in the coming weeks to aid your preparation. If you sign up now, they'll be available before the challenge commences – don't worry!

The deadline to sign up and secure your patch is January 30th, 2024, but we welcome donations at any time.

Join us on this frigidly fantastic journey! Stay Salty AF




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Arctic Tern Challenge 2023/2024

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