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Discover Unmatched Comfort and Warmth with NukuNuku's Haramaki Core-Warmers

As the chill of winter beckons and the allure of cold water swimming, wild swims, and sea swims persists, there's one essential item you need to add to your winter swim kit: the Haramaki Core-Warmer, also known as a kidney warmer, belly-warmer, bump band, tummy tube, body warmer, or back-warmer. This versatile piece of clothing has been a cherished secret among cold water enthusiasts and is about to become your new favorite winter swim companion.

Embracing Tradition with a Twist

The Haramaki, a traditional Japanese garment, has been reimagined by Brighton-based sea swimmer NukuNuku, elevating its functionality and comfort to new heights. This unassuming tube of soft, stretchy fabric may resemble a "boob tube" for your middle, but its benefits go far beyond fashion.

When you slip into a NukuNuku Haramaki, you're enveloping your core with a cocoon of warmth that radiates throughout your entire body. It's like a portable heating system, offering you a quicker recovery after those invigorating cold water swims. As you emerge from the sea, the cold that typically creeps in is thwarted, thanks to this ingenious layer that hugs your body.

Versatile, Warm, and Durable

But the benefits don't stop there. The Haramaki is a true multitasker. Need extra warmth? Slip a hot water bottle down it, and it will snugly hold it in place, offering you blissful warmth on demand.

NukuNuku's Navy Blue Core-Warmer is crafted from high-quality soft cotton blended with lycra for exceptional stretch and comfort. Designed to stand the test of time, it maintains its shape wash after wash. It's a dependable companion for your aquatic adventures, proudly made in the UK with a commitment to quality that's second to none.

For All Ages, All Genders, All Activities

The beauty of the Haramaki lies in its inclusivity. Unisex and ageless, it's a must-have for anyone seeking respite from the cold. Whether you're preparing for a wild swim, cycling, practicing yoga, or simply braving the winter elements, the Haramaki has got you covered. Literally.

This humble garment may even surprise you with added health benefits. Some wearers report improved digestion and relief from lower back pain, making it an essential addition to your winter fitness routine.

Be warned: Once you experience the warmth and comfort of the Haramaki Core-Warmer, you might find it hard to take it off. Many devotees wear theirs around the clock, reveling in the continuous warmth it provides.

Experience the Haramaki Difference

Still skeptical? You can easily test the transformative power of the Haramaki by tying a scarf around your waist and feeling the warmth spread. When your core is snugly insulated, your entire body benefits. With warm inner organs promoting better circulation, you'll find yourself comfortably toasty from head to toe, even in the coldest of waters.

NukuNuku's Haramaki Core-Warmers are approximately 30cm from top to bottom, covering your kidneys and lower back to the top of your hips. They're a small investment with enormous returns in terms of warmth, comfort, and versatility.

Don't let the cold hold you back from your aquatic adventures. Embrace the tradition with a modern twist and elevate your cold water swimming, wild swim, and sea swim experiences with NukuNuku's Haramaki Core-Warmers. Stay warm, stay active, and stay outdoors – because life's too short to be cold!



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