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Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil Spray - 10ml


Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil Spray - 10ml

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Protect your ears when swimming with Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil Spray
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Perfect for us outdoor swimmers. 

Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil delivers a metered dose of a unique blend of Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear finely coating the auditory canal creating a water resistant barrier.

Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil have natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-infection properties and when combined with the pump action metered spray delivery system will help prevent the incidence of Trapped Water & Swimmer’s Ear.

This pack contains a minimum of 180 doses. Please read the directions for use carefully before using Earol Swim® Tea Tree Oil.

How to use

1 or 2 applications of Earol® Swim before entering

Hazards and Cautions

Store Upright between 15-30 degrees C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

The product is packaged into a bespoke and unique injection moulded carry case which has a robust re-sealable lid which allows the product to be carried in dive bags, swim bags, pool or beach bags without chance of the product being actuated or being broken. The carry case has been designed to float if dropped into the water.

EarolSwim® is clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ears during and after water activities and water-borne bacterial ear infections for age groups 1 year and above.

 EarolSwim® is all natural. The olive oil creates a water-resistant and repellent oil layer within the ear which waterproofs the ear during swimming and repels the water after swimming (oil and water don't mix).

 Tea tree oil (a natural biocide) kills bacteria in any remaining moisture, preventing the chance of bacterial ear infections.

 EarolSwim® negates the need for unhygienic earplugs or unsightly swim caps.

 EarolSwim® is aircraft cabin-friendly.
 EarolSwim® can be used as a travel health product to protect children's ears against holiday swimming pool water as well as for kids learning to swim at school.

 EarolSwim® can be used during all professional or recreational water-sports including SCUBA, triathlon, open water and pool swimming.

 EarolSwim® protection is for a minimum of six hours then the oil is naturally expelled from the ears.

 EarolSwim® has a tapered actuator to ensure that it cannot be pushed into the ear canal too far.

 EarolSwim® is simple to use, natural, patient-intuitive and creates no mess or spillage when used.

 The mechanism is a metered dose pump (50mcl) where the patient receives the same exact dose each time (200 doses per pack).
 It is non-aerosol and creates a gentle mist spray which dramatically increases the surface area of the oil allowing the droplets to adhere to the ear canal walls.

 The spray allows much less oil to be used per dose and no unsightly cotton wool plugs are required to keep the oil in the ear as it adheres to the ear canal walls (droppers use 1ml while the metered dose spray uses 0.05ml).

 The clear glass bottle allows patients to see precisely what they are spraying into their ear and to know when re-ordering is due.

 EarolSwim® is clinically proven and recommended by the healthcare community.

 EarolSwim® comes with a reusable durable carry case so it can be safely stored in your luggage, sports, travel or beach bag.
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Really works

The only time I had problems with my ears was when I forgot to take this with me to the beach. Works. Keeps infections and itch at bay. I am sticking with it as have not had much luck with other ear plugs. Also like the smell!

Catherine | hove | April 2021