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Flexible Sealing Repair Glue for neoprene

Specially formulated to quickly glue and repair rips, tears and holes on all neoprene wetsuits and accessories. Easy-to-use, it creates a flexible black sealing, waterproof and resistant, while guaranteeing a safe and reliable time-efficient result even in more delicate repairs. Ideal for all you outdoor swimmers wherever you swim wild - sea, lake, river or loch - and wear a little or a lot of neoprene. Fix your tears and make your wetsuits and socks etc last longer and more swimming seasons. Add this to your swim kit bag and be ready for shoreline fixing for fast and immediate neoprene repairs. From Look-Clear who make the excellent google anti-fog spray that Seabirds swim shop stocks (try saying that fast!) 

Technical Features:

• Black glue.

• Waterproof’s and seals.

• Repairs holes and tears.

• Ideal for fast and immediate in-field repairs.

• Polychloroprene-based adhesive.

• High precision tip.

• Anti-drop and air-tight cap.

Instructions For Use:

1. Apply the glue on both parts to be glued together.

2. Press and hold the surfaces together.

3. Wait from 10 to 20 minutes according to the climatic conditions and make sure that the surfaces are fully bonded and dry before use.

We have added this to our range (2022) by popular request from many of our sea swimmers. Many of you will choose to wear wetsuits and/or neoprene gloves and boots going into the winter or all year round if you are a distance outdoor swimmer. With the best will in the world holes and tears can happen and this neoprene glue will help make your neoprene wetsuits and accessories more durable and sustainable and save you money in the long run. 

Seabirds is a social enterprise run by and for swimmers in Brighton. We exist to promote sea swimming for wellbeing and getting more people into the water especially those who have faced more obstacles to doing this. We sell products we have tried and tested while swimming in the sea here in Brighton and Hove - looking for the durable, ethical and affordable swim kit so you can buy with confidence that is has been trialled in the water. From Tow floats to this neoprene glue for your wetsuits, gloves and boots we sell everything you need to keep getting in the water all year round. 

Funds raised from Seabirds Swim Shop sales go into our social mission - getting more people into water to feel healthier, happier and stronger. We do this by providing kit and swimming lessons for people who will benefit from the water most but have had least access. So shop for swim kit from Seabirds and join us in sharing the swim love! If you use Social Media don’t forget to tag us in a swim selfie with your new kit - helps us spread the word and get outdoor swimmers to buy from a social enterprise and rather than the big corporate companies who have enough of all our money ;) Happy Swimming for years in the same swim kit year after year. Buy well so it lasts…

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Neoprene Repair Glue - Look Clear

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Black Rapid Action Repair Glue For Neoprene Wetsuits and Accessories