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PUFFIN Waterproof Phone Pouch from Seabirds Wild Swim Shop
PUFFIN Waterproof Phone Pouch from Seabirds Wild Swim Shop
PUFFIN Waterproof Phone Pouch from Seabirds Wild Swim Shop
PUFFIN Waterproof Phone Pouch from Seabirds Wild Swim Shop
PUFFIN Waterproof Phone Pouch from Seabirds Wild Swim Shop

Product Description

Upgrade Your Water Adventures with the Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch

Whether you're diving into the waves, cruising on a paddleboard, or catching some rays on the shore, staying connected just got easier and safer with the Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch. Designed to complement your aquatic lifestyle, this pouch is your go-to solution for keeping your phone, keys, and other essentials secure and dry in any watery escapade.

Your Essential Aquatic Companion

Imagine capturing the stunning vistas of the lake, beach, or river with your phone, worry-free. The Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch is your trusty sidekick for those aquatic explorations. Whether you're swimming, paddle-boarding, or even catching waves on a surfboard, this pouch ensures your electronics remain protected from splashes and unexpected dips.

Total Security in Your Puffin Swim Drybag Tow Float

For an extra layer of security and convenience, pair your waterproof phone pouch with the Puffin Swim drybag tow float. This dynamic duo ensures your electronics are double-protected, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time in the water without any worries.

Waterproof Triple Seal System with Velcro Closure

Safety and security are paramount, and that's why we've equipped our waterproof phone pouch with a triple seal system. This advanced design guarantees your phone or car keys stay dry even in the wettest of conditions. And for that added peace of mind, we've included an extra Velcro closure, making sure your belongings stay exactly where they belong.

Stay Connected, Stay Protected

Keep your conversations going, snap those Instagram-worthy shots, and even change your playlist without taking your phone out. Thanks to the clear front and back panels of the Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch, you can interact with your phone's touchscreen while it's safely nestled inside. Ideal for use in your Puffin Swim Drybag tow float, it's your passport to staying connected while embracing the water.

Environmental Consciousness

Puffin Swim, like Seabirds, believe in taking care of both your experiences and the environment. That's why our waterproof phone pouch comes wrapped in tissue, a conscious choice to reduce unnecessary plastic waste. We're committed to ensuring your adventures have a positive impact, from the waves you ride to the choices you make.

Features that Make a Splash

  • Ideal for Your Drybag Swim Float: Perfectly sized to slide into your drybag swim float, the pouch seamlessly fits into your water-bound routine.
  • Triple Seal Waterproof System: Our advanced sealing technology guarantees protection against water infiltration, even during the most active water activities.
  • Clear Panels, All-Around Access: The clear front and back panels allow you to use your phone's features without removing it from the pouch.
  • Comes with a Handy Lanyard: We've included a 1-meter lanyard for added convenience – wear it around your neck or secure it as you prefer (to your swimsuit for example).
  • Color Options to Suit Your Style: Choose from a vibrant range of colors – blue, orange, and black – to match your personal flair.
  • Size that Fits Your Needs: With dimensions of 200mm x 108mm and a clear panel measuring 800mm x 150mm, your phone fits comfortably and stays accessible.

Prioritize Your Peace of Mind

Before embarking on your open water swim, always ensure your phone pouch's waterproof integrity. Test it by placing dry tissue inside and submerging the pouch in water. Once you're confident in its watertight performance, you're all set to dive into your next adventure.

Capturing Memories, One Wave at a Time

The stunning imagery of Salty Seabirds pilcharding in the waves, captured by the talented Julia Claxton, is a testament to the joy and freedom that the water brings. With the Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch, you can capture your wild swim adventures without compromising your beloved electronics.

Elevate your sea swims with the Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch – where innovation, protection, and style unite to keep you connected wherever the waves take you. Order yours today and dive into worry-free water adventures! 🌊📱🏄‍♀️



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Perfect for taking your phone to the lake, beach or river, whether swimming, paddle-boarding or surfing.