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Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float
Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float
Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float
Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float
Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float
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Product Description


Seabirds Brighton found a fellow Seabirds, Puffin Swim who make these fantastic and eco-friendly drybag tow floats. Read on to see why we love them...

The Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float is the first eco-friendly tow float.

  • PVC Free
  • The Billy Eco15 Drybag is a great eco-friendly yet extremely durable option.
  • Designed with Optimised Streamlining; tow points and shape are designed for reduced drag
  • 15L volume drybag for taking small items on your swim.

The Billy Eco15 Drybag Float is lightweight, has optimal streamlining and is designed to be better for the environment.

The Billy Eco15 Drybag Float is lightweight, has optimal streamlining and is designed to be better for the environment. Easy to use and fabulous Puffin logo. We love a Seabird! As a Brighton based social enterprise, Seabirds give their profits to charity to support well being initiatives and to get more people into the sea for sea swimming. Salted Well being. 

Product Description

Reduced Drag

All Puffin floats are designed with Optimised Streamlining and the Billy Eco15 Drybag is no different. The float’s shape, valve position, low tow point, tow attachment point and direction of tow are all designed to reduce drag.
The drybag floats behind the swimmer and does not interfere with the swimmers’ stroke.

Bright, Light & Easy to Use

The Eco15 Drybag features a waterproof compartment which is separate to the air chamber. This means the swimmer can take their essential items such as keys or spare goggles with them whilst in the water.
The Eco15 is bright orange to increase the visibility and safety of the swimmer in the water.

The Eco15 Drybag is easy to use, the float has a short adjustable leash attached to it, this leash then simply threads onto the waist belt. The buckle on the waist belt is chunky to make it easier to operate with cold fingers.

Eco Drybag Tow Float.

Made with Biodegradable TPU a more eco-friendly option than PVC  as it is low in toxicity. It’s very durable and resistant to abrasion, it is also tear and puncture-resistant making it an ideal material for a swim float. The Nylon is recyclable.

Features and Specification of the Billy Eco15 Drybag

  • PVC  Free Eco-friendly
  • Optimal streamlining – to reduce drag
  • Bright orange to increase the visibility of the swimmer
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • The short adjustable leash is safely attached to the float.
  • Provided with leash & waist belt attached.
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 29cm
  • Volume: 15L

How to use the Billy Eco15 Drybag

  1. Start with the bag deflated
  2. Place your items in the drybag and expel excess air
  3. Close the top flat and roll the top down a minimum 3 times
  4. Clip the buckles together.
  5. Inflate the drybag using the mouthpiece (twist mouthpiece to open & close)
  6. Once fully inflated close the mouthpiece.
  7. The drybag float is already attached to a short leash, simply thread this onto to your waist-belt and fit the adjustable belt around your waist.
    Have a great swim.

NB: We recommend placing electronic items inside a waterproof bag before placing inside the Eco15 drybag. The Billy Eco15 is not a lifesaving device and is for use by competent swimmers. It is not designed to be submerged.

Why the Billy Eco15 is better for the environment

It’s made with Biodegradable TPU laminated on nylon. The laminating uses a process which is solvent-free and low in toxicity which is less harmful to the environment compared to PVC. The TPU laminate is biodegradable and the nylon fabric is recyclable.

This is the most advanced materials used in swim floats in terms of being eco-friendly.
Find out more about biodegradable TPU

Puffin Swim started the same year as Seabirds CIC and we have been stocking their beautiful tow floats since the very beginning. The range of sizes and colours has grown but they remain the best we have found on the market, the most eco friendly option out there and long lasting. We also love love love the cute Puffin logo - and as it is a Seabird is makes it an even more perfect match. We can get a simple outfit (tshirt and shorts), flip flops, phone and car keys in this one and do a point to point swim and walk back. Big enough and bright enough. 

What to Put in Your Drybag Tow Float

What you wish to take with you on your swim will vary depending on the swim and your circumstances but there are some common small items that swimmers find handy to take, such as keys, phone, energy food, drinks, medication, small camera, lightweight footwear, small towel, t-shirt, etc. Remember whatever you take does have to be fairly lightweight and leave enough volume for the air to float the bag and of course, you don’t have to but anything in your drybag float, you can use it empty and simply use it as a regular tow float. NB: We recommend all electronic items are double-bagged, i.e. place them in a small waterproof bag or phone pouch (also available from Seabirds) before placing them inside your drybag tow float for added waterproof security.

Eco Credentials

*Eco-Friendly Range

Our Eco-friendly range of drybags floats are made from Biodegradable TPU and recycled single-use plastic. The material for these drybags is PVC-Free. These are the most eco-friendly floats available as they help reduce plastic going to landfill and the manufacturing process is better for the environment. These include the Billy Eco15 and the Billy Eco25.

**Recycled Range

Our Recycled range of tow floats and drybags are made from recycled single-use plastic and PVC. These floats help reduce plastic going to landfills and are a great sustainable option. These floats include the Billy R20, Billy R28, and Bubble Eco.

Photos in the water and logo by Ruth Delgado, Seabirds Director 2018-2019



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Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float

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Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float


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