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Salty Seabirds Cards
Salty Seabirds Cards
Salty Seabirds Cards
Salty Seabirds Cards
Salty Seabirds Cards
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Product Description

**Elevate Your Gifting with Unique Lino Print Cards by Local Artist Ella**

Discover the essence of artistry and community with our exclusive Lino Print collection, meticulously crafted by the talented local artist, Ella. This pack of three handmade cards showcases distinct designs, each an ode to the mesmerizing Moon and Starling swims, a hallmark of Seabirds' sea swimming culture, accompanied by the iconic Piers as their backdrop. Infused with creativity and textured with delicate watercolor backgrounds, these cards are more than just a medium of communication – they are a reflection of the sea's boundless inspiration and the vibrant spirit of our community.

**Artistry Meets Seaside Magic:**

Every Lino Print card in this unique collection is a manifestation of Ella's skillful hands and her intimate connection to our beloved sea swimming culture. The intricate detailing and textured watercolor accents capture the essence of the Moon and Starling swims, bringing to life the dance of stars and the shimmer of moonlight on the water's surface. The iconic Piers serve as a nostalgic reminder of our cherished swimming spots, creating a visual symphony that resonates with swimmers and art enthusiasts alike.

**An Expression of Love and Best Wishes:**

Whether you're an avid sea swimmer, an art connoisseur, or simply someone looking to spread heartfelt sentiments, these Lino Print cards are the perfect choice. Use them to convey your warmest wishes, share the magic of the sea with your swimming companions, or gift them as a unique token of appreciation. Each card tells a story, not just of artistry, but of the profound connection we share with the sea and the empowering sense of community that defines Seabirds.

**Supporting Asylum Seeking Women and Community Projects:**

At Seabirds, we're not just a brand – we're a social enterprise driven by a noble mission. Your purchase of these Lino Print cards directly contributes to our initiatives that matter. A significant portion of the proceeds goes towards funding free swimming lessons for local asylum-seeking women, empowering them with a life-saving skill while fostering a sense of belonging within our community. Additionally, your support extends to various community projects that uplift and enrich the lives of individuals who share our love for the sea.

**The Gift of Inspiration:**

Presenting these Lino Print cards is more than just an exchange – it's a gift of inspiration, connection, and empowerment. As the receiver holds these cards in their hands, they become a part of the Seabirds narrative, a narrative that celebrates the beauty of the sea, the resilience of our community, and the transformative power of collective action.

**Seabirds: Where Art, Community, and Sea Converge:**

In essence, these Lino Print cards are a testament to the synergy between art, community, and our enduring love for the sea. Ella's creations echo the sentiments of every sea swimmer who has felt the waves embrace them, who has marveled at the moon's reflection on the water, and who has found solace and empowerment in the open ocean. Your choice to embrace these cards echoes beyond the realm of art – it reverberates as an affirmation of our shared values and a commitment to making a positive impact.

**Gift with Purpose, Share with Heart:**

In summary, our Lino Print cards by local artist Ella encapsulate more than just aesthetics – they encapsulate our ethos, our community, and our mission. As you extend these cards to your loved ones, you're extending a piece of Seabirds' legacy – a legacy of art, empowerment, and unity. Your choice carries the gentle ripples of change, touching the lives of local asylum-seeking women and igniting the flame of community projects. With each card, you're not just sharing a piece of art – you're sharing the sea's embrace, the starling's dance, and the promise of a better, more inclusive future.

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Salty Seabirds Cards

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Pack of 3 Seabirds lino print cards