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Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton
Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton
Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton
Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton
Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton
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Product Description

**Immerse Yourself in Artistry with Salty Seabirds' Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards**

Indulge in the captivating world of Salty Seabirds' creativity with our exquisite Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards, graced with artwork by the talented artist, Hannah Eaton. These postcards bear the very essence of our sea swimming culture and mission, offering you an opportunity to share in the beauty and contribute to a cause that resonates deeply with our community. Each purchase directly fuels our commitment as a sea swimming social enterprise, funding free swimming lessons for marginalized groups, including local asylum-seeking women, in Brighton and Hove.

**A Canvas of Seabirds and Ocean Delight:**

Our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards feature a splendid array of avian wonders brought to life by Hannah Eaton's skilled hands. Immerse yourself in the playful charm of the Puffin, the elegant grace of the Penguin, the boundless freedom of the Arctic Tern, the majestic sweep of the Gannet, and the delicate allure of the Snow Bunting. These postcards encapsulate the spirit of Salty Seabirds, inviting you to connect with the sea and its inhabitants in a profound and meaningful way.

**Crafted for Quality and Sentiments:**

Printed on high-quality, luxurious 330gsm card, these postcards serve as more than just tokens of appreciation – they are expressions of art and warmth that will be cherished for years to come. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards offer a delightful and thoughtfully crafted way to convey your sentiments. Share your love for the sea, nature, and our vibrant community with these exquisite postcards that carry a purpose beyond aesthetics.

**Fueling Empowerment, One Postcard at a Time:**

At Salty Seabirds, we're committed to making a difference, and every choice you make amplifies that commitment. When you purchase our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards, you're directly contributing to our social mission. The proceeds from these postcards go towards funding free swimming lessons, a vital lifeline for marginalized groups in our community. Your support empowers local asylum-seeking women and other marginalized individuals, providing them with a chance to experience the transformative power of sea swimming.

**Embrace Art and Empathy:**

These postcards are more than just a medium for your messages – they are a bridge that connects hearts, art, and purpose. As you send or receive these postcards, you're engaging in a beautiful cycle of empathy and impact. The artistry speaks of our love for the sea, while the proceeds echo our commitment to social change. It's an opportunity to make a statement, to send a greeting that goes beyond words and reaches into the depths of our collective purpose.

**Salty Seabirds: Where Art and Compassion Converge:**

In essence, our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards encapsulate the fusion of artistic expression and compassionate action. Hannah Eaton's artistry transcends the paper, inviting you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the sea and its inhabitants. Your choice to purchase these postcards reaches far beyond the transaction – it extends to the lives of individuals who are often marginalized, offering them a chance to find solace, joy, and empowerment through sea swimming.

**Greet with Meaning, Make an Impact:**

To summarize, our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards are more than just keepsakes – they're vehicles of art, empathy, and positive change. Every card you send becomes a conduit of love for the sea and its creatures, as well as a beacon of hope for marginalized individuals in our community. Your choice radiates outward, touching lives and fostering a sense of belonging. With each postcard, you're not just sharing a piece of art – you're sharing the sea's embrace, the joy of swimming, and the promise of a brighter future for all.

Choose our Arctic Tern Challenge Postcards, and together, let's create waves of impact that resonate far beyond the horizon.

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Seabirds Postcards Pack - by Hannah Eaton

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