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Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair
Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair
Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair
Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair
Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair

Product Description

New logo since 2023. 

Longhair Swimming Caps are designed to avoid snagging, especially on long hair whilst swimming and has extra space inside to accommodate for the long hair. These hats are made from silicone increasing durability of the caps and a sleek performance.

50g Silicon Swim hats to keep your head warmer while you swim in sea, pool, lake or lido. 2 colours and all with our fabulous Seabirds Brighton logo in white. These are for those of you blessed with curly, long or thick hair that a regular swim cap just doesn't do it for! 

Essential kit as the temperature drops or to be seen better from the shoreline. 

Seabirds Ltd are sea swimmers in Brighton. We supply the kit you need to keep you going into the water wherever makes you happy. 

Seabirds original logo by Ruth Delgado, Seabirds Director 2018-2019

Elevate Your Swim Experience with the Ultimate Long Hair Swim Hat: Where Performance Meets Purpose

Unleash the true potential of your aquatic adventures with our exceptional Long Hair Swim Hat, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of open water, pool, and sea swimmers. Crafted with precision and care, this swim hat redefines swim gear, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality for swimmers with long hair. But there's more to this swim hat than meets the eye – we're a social enterprise on a mission to create a positive impact. With every purchase, you contribute to funding free swimming lessons for marginalized groups, empowering them with essential life skills and a renewed sense of confidence.

Unrivaled Comfort and Performance:

Long hair should never limit your swim experience. Our Long Hair Swim Hat is expertly engineered to provide a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring that your hair stays secure and tangle-free throughout your swim. The premium-quality, lightweight materials create a hydrodynamic profile, reducing drag and allowing you to glide through the water effortlessly. The innovative design ensures minimal water resistance, optimizing your performance whether you're conquering open water challenges, training in the pool, or embracing the waves of the sea. Say goodbye to hair interference and hello to a new level of swimming prowess.

Versatile Design for Every Environment:

From tranquil pools to unpredictable open waters, our Long Hair Swim Hat is your versatile companion. The durable construction and secure fit make it a perfect choice for any swim setting. Whether you're honing your technique in the pool or embarking on an open water odyssey, this swim hat guarantees a hassle-free experience. The high-quality materials are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your swim hat remains your trusted companion for countless swims to come.

A Commitment to Empowerment:

Beyond revolutionizing your swim routine, our brand is committed to making a meaningful impact. We believe in the power of swimming as a universal skill that transcends barriers and empowers individuals. With every purchase of our Long Hair Swim Hat, a portion of the proceeds goes towards funding free swimming lessons for marginalized groups. These lessons extend beyond the water, instilling confidence, making friendships and community, and resilience in those who need it most. Your choice to sport our swim hat is a choice to make a difference, one stroke at a time.

Join Us in Creating Waves of Change:

When you choose our Long Hair Swim Hat, you're not just choosing top-tier swim gear – you're choosing to be a part of a movement. Your support directly contributes to breaking down barriers and providing access to essential life skills through swimming. You're helping marginalized groups reclaim their confidence and find solace in the water, opening doors to a world of opportunities they may not have thought possible. It's a small step that leads to a giant leap in positive transformation.

Unleash Your Potential, Empower Others:

In essence, our Long Hair Swim Hat is more than just a piece of swim gear – it's a symbol of innovation, comfort, and compassion. By wearing it, you're not only unlocking your own potential as a swimmer but also unlocking opportunities for those who have been marginalized in our society. With each stroke, you're contributing to a movement that celebrates inclusion and empowerment. Embrace the water with confidence, knowing that your choice makes a lasting impact.

In conclusion, our Long Hair Swim Hat is the embodiment of performance and purpose. Dive into your swim adventures with the utmost confidence and comfort, knowing that your purchase has a ripple effect that extends far beyond your personal achievements. Choose our swim hat, and together, let's create waves of change that touch lives and transform futures.




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Seabirds Swim Hat - long hair

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Long hair Swim hats - more space for more hair. New logo from 2023.