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**A Tale of Community and Coastal Artistry: The Seabirds x Hannah Eaton Collaboration**

Step into a world where art and sea unite in a harmonious embrace. The collaboration between Seabirds and artist Hannah Eaton brings you a collection that captures the essence of our favorite swim spots and seaside cafes along the vibrant seafront. Seamlessly merging painstaking beach research by Seabirds with the artistic prowess of Hannah Eaton, this collection stands as a testament to our shared love for the ocean and the coastal treasures it holds.

**Original Artwork: A Celebration of Sea and Spirit**

At the heart of this collection lies the Limited Edition Original Artwork meticulously created by Hannah Eaton. Her artistic mastery has garnered recognition, with her work featured in the esteemed Guardian's Books of the Year 2020. As year-round Salty Seabirds, we resonate deeply with the themes she captures – the ebb and flow of tides, the laughter of beachgoers, and the intimate connection between humans and the sea.

**A Journey of Craftsmanship:**

This collection is a result of painstaking beach research conducted by Seabirds – a true labor of love. Our dedication to capturing the spirit of our beloved swim spots and cafes along the seafront is reflected in every brushstroke, every detail, and every hue. Each piece of artwork tells a story – a story of community, shared moments, and the exhilarating embrace of the sea.

**An Exclusive Touch:**

The first 30 pieces in this remarkable collection bear the artist's signature, adding an exclusive touch that enhances their collectible value. These signed artworks encapsulate not only the creative brilliance of Hannah Eaton but also the authenticity of our collaboration. They are a tangible embodiment of our shared vision and passion.

**A Showcase of Coastal Charm:**

The dimensions of each piece – A3 size – provide the ideal canvas for these exquisite artworks to come to life. Crafted as Limited Edition giclee Prints on heavyweight paper, they exude a sense of quality and luxury that resonates with our commitment to excellence. Each brushstroke, each shade, and each nuance are captured in stunning detail, allowing you to bring the beauty of the seafront into your own space.

**Seabirds: More Than Art, a Community of Change:**

Seabirds isn't just a Community Interest Company; it's a collective of sea enthusiasts, united by a mission that transcends the waves. Every purchase from this collaboration directly fuels our social mission – to invite more individuals to experience the sheer joy of swimming and the transformative power of the sea. Your choice to embrace these artworks is a choice to be a part of our community's ongoing endeavor to bring the healing and invigorating effects of sea swimming to more lives.

**Embrace the Sea's Embrace:**

In essence, the Seabirds x Hannah Eaton collaboration is more than just art – it's a story, a connection, and a reflection of our shared passion. With each Limited Edition Original Artwork, you're not only adorning your space with coastal charm but also contributing to a profound cause. You're enabling more people to discover the sea's embrace, to find solace in its depths, and to experience the transformative journey that sea swimming offers.

**A Journey Together:**

To summarize, the Seabirds x Hannah Eaton collaboration is an invitation to embark on a journey – a journey of artistry, community, and positive change. These artworks transcend their material form; they encapsulate the spirit of the sea, the warmth of shared moments, and the commitment of a community united by a noble cause. Join us in celebrating the sea's beauty, its mysteries, and its power to transform lives. With every artwork you choose, you're not just acquiring a piece of art – you're becoming a part of our mission, a part of a community, and a part of the sea's enduring embrace.

Choose our Limited Edition Original Artwork and immerse yourself in a world where art and community intertwine, where every stroke of the brush echoes our collective heartbeat, and where every sale ripples out into a sea of positive impact.

About Hannah - 'Hannah Eaton is an artist and writer. She is the author of Naming Monsters, a graphic novel published by Myriad Editions and shortlisted for the First Graphic Novel Competition and the Ninth Art Prize and Blackwood, published by Myriad in 2020 to critical acclaim. She has been a barmaid, a teacher, a support worker, one half of a comedy duo, a learning mentor, a carer for young people and a graphic novelist. She was born in London and lives in Brighton with a teenager and a black dog who, as far as she knows, is not a death omen.'



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Seabirds' Swim Map

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Seabirds' Swim Map of Brighton and Hove. A3 size. Limited Edition giclee Print on heavyweight paper.