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Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat
Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat
Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat
Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat
Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat
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Product Description

“The toastiest, most gorgeous bobble hat ever! “

  • Heavyweight multi-yarn, cable knit design. 
  • Non-itchy. Acrylic. 
  • Machine washable. 
  • One size. 
  • Shearling (faux) thermal band for extra warmth around your ears. 

Keep your head warm post-swim in one of our cosy beanie bobble hats. Wherever you do your swimming, sea, lake or river - in the colder months and evenings you need a woolly beanie. Sold by sea swimmers to keep other outdoor swimmers and wild dippers warmer when they get out. Or take a spare for wearing when you are in the water?

As modelled daily by our Salty Seabirds sea swimmers in Brighton and Hove. This is how we identify each other on the shore before a sea swim. 

We love these hats and they are one of our best sellers but you don't need to take our word for it though, have a look at our many 5 star reviews: 

  • "Back For More: Having fallen in love with my Party On The Pier Seabird Bobble Hat I treated myself to a second - Ocean Blue. Quality second to none. Really helps me to warm up after sea swims. Fleece band so cosy and no itching! Love these hats and highly recommend. They look really cool."
  • "It was so cosy and warm - loved it. I wanted to let you know my order arrived quickly and safely. I am absolutely delighted with my Party on the Pier Seabird Bobble Hat and my Puffin waterproof pouch. Quality of both excellent."
  • "I was swimming yesterday and used my hat for the first time. It was so cosy and warm - loved it. I will keep browsing for additional products and spread the word. Thanks again."
  • "Love me love my hat: This hat is so amazing it's hardly left my head all winter! Warm and cosy it covers the ears well and even better the fleece lining means it doesn't make your head itch!!"
  • "I work outside, whatever the weather and this is the first hat which keeps my ears warm, as well as the rest of my head. Normally, you get what you pay for, here you get much more! Warmth, quality, cosy ears, fab colours, good bobble....only problem is choosing which colour to get next. Seriously, if you need a winter hat, look no further.”
  • “The toastiest, most gorgeous bobble hat ever! Just had the warmest night camping ever thanks to my new hat!

After your receive your Seabirds' bobble hat please do come back and leave us a review and photo. Better still tag us in a shoreline selfie showing your new hat and your swim smile on Social Media. This helps us spread the word and reach more outdoor swimmers (and those thinking about starting outdoor swimming….we love a lurker that eventually joins in the sea!) 

Seabirds is a social enterprise run by and for swimmers in Brighton. We exist to promote sea swimming for wellbeing and getting more people into the water especially those who have faced more obstacles to doing this. We sell products we have tried and tested while swimming in the sea here in Brighton and Hove - looking for the durable, ethical and affordable swim kit so you can buy with confidence that is has been trialled in the water. From tow floats to neoprene gloves to these woolly hats we sell everything you need to keep getting in the water all year round. 

Funds raised from Seabirds Swim Shop sales go into our social mission - getting more people into water to feel healthier, happier and stronger. We do this by providing kit and swimming lessons for people who will benefit from the water most but have had least access. So shop for swim kit from Seabirds and join us in sharing the swim love! 

**Discover Comfort and Warmth with Our Woolly Hats for Sea Swimmers: Where Coziness Meets Compassion**

Embrace the elements and elevate your aquatic experience with our exceptional Woolly Hats, meticulously designed to provide comfort, warmth, and style for open water, pool, and sea swimmers when they recover after their swim. Crafted with a blend of luxury and care, these hats redefine swim gear, ensuring you stay cozy even after being in the chilliest waters. But there's more to our Woolly Hats than meets the eye – we're a social enterprise on a mission to create positive change. With every purchase, you're contributing to funding free swimming lessons for marginalized groups, empowering them to embrace the sea for improved wellbeing and a brighter future.

**Unparalleled Comfort and Style:**

Our Woolly Hats are more than just accessories; they're your essential companions in conquering the waters. Carefully designed for a snug fit, these hats keep you warm without compromising your comfort or mobility. The premium-quality ensures natural insulation, trapping warmth close to your skin, and keeping the cold at bay. Whether you're diving into the open water, practicing in the pool, or braving the waves of the sea, our Woolly Hats will be there, providing the cozy embrace you need to thrive after you get out of the water.

**Versatile Design for Every Swim Adventure:**

After serene pool sessions or exhilarating sea swims, our Woolly Hats are engineered to keep you toasty and warm in any environment. The adaptable design ensures a secure fit, even in the most dynamic waters. Dive into the open ocean with confidence, knowing that your hat will stay in place no matter the conditions. The durable construction guarantees that your Woolly Hat will withstand the challenges of saltwater, chlorine, and rigorous use, making it an indispensable part of your swim gear.

**Empowerment Through Swimming:**

Beyond the comfort and style, our brand is committed to making a tangible impact. We believe that swimming is more than a physical activity – it's a means of empowerment, healing, and inclusion. With every purchase of our Woolly Hat, a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards providing free swimming lessons for marginalized groups. These lessons not only teach a vital life skill but also foster a sense of community, confidence, and wellbeing. By choosing our Woolly Hat, you're joining a movement that is breaking down barriers and transforming lives through the power of swimming.

**Dive into Wellbeing:**

At the heart of our mission is the belief that the sea holds transformative power for wellbeing. We aim to bring the healing embrace of the ocean to those who need it most. By supporting our Woolly Hats, you're enabling marginalized groups to experience the therapeutic benefits of sea swimming, promoting mental and physical health in an environment that nurtures the soul. Your choice to wear our hat becomes a symbol of hope, empowerment, and positive change.

**Wrap Yourself in Warmth and Purpose:**

In essence, our Woolly Hats transcend conventional swim gear. They're a testament to comfort, durability, and compassion. As you don our Woolly Hat, you're not just insulating your head from the cold – you're warming the hearts of those who are marginalized, offering them a chance to find joy, healing, and connection in the water. Every stroke you take becomes a stroke of kindness, moving us closer to a world where swimming is a universal right.

In conclusion, our Woolly Hats are more than just a fashion statement; they're a symbol of unity, empowerment, and wellbeing. Embrace the sea with confidence and warmth, knowing that your choice has a far-reaching impact. Choose our Woolly Hat and become a part of a movement that brings comfort and change to individuals and communities alike. Together, let's dive into a future where the waters are open to all, and where the sea's embrace is felt by everyone, regardless of their background or circumstance.



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Seabirds Woolly Bobble Hat

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