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Swim-Eze Swimeze Ear Drops


Swim-Eze Swimeze Ear Drops

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Water trapped in your ears? Try Swim-eze ear drops.
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Swim-eze is an ear drying aid that helps to dry water that is trapped in your ears it works within seconds giving relief to the painful sensation of swimmers ear. Great for wild swimmers. 

  • Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and feelings of trapped ear water.
  • Helps divers to equalize and minimises ear pressure discomfort Non-medicated
  • Evaporates trapped ear water leaving the ear clean, water-free and dry.
  • Dramatically reduces risk of painful ear infections by removing any trace of water and bacteria
  • Recommended for use after swimming, diving, bathing and water sports.
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Works In Seconds
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Jess Barnes - Brighton

Swimeze Ear Drops

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Disperses water bubbles in seconds. Had a water bubble trapped in my ear for hours and tried all sorts to get ride of it but wouldn't shift and was starting to hurt. Popped a couple of drops in and gone. Keeping this in my swim bag.