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Swim Feral Turtleback Bag
Swim Feral Turtleback Bag
Swim Feral Turtleback Bag
Swim Feral Turtleback Bag
Swim Feral Turtleback Bag
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Product Description

Please note that we do not keep The Swim Feral Turtleback Bag's in stock - this is an affiliate link and Seabirds get commission if you click from here and purchase from Swim Feral 

Discover the Ultimate Companion for Your Outdoor Swimming Adventures: The Swim Feral Turtleback Bag

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for wild and sea swimming? If so, you understand the importance of having the right gear to enhance your experience. Enter the Swim Feral Turtleback Bag, a game-changing innovation designed to elevate your outdoor swimming adventures. Please note that while we don't keep these bags in stock, we provide an affiliate link that allows you to purchase from Swim Feral, and by doing so, you support Seabirds.

The Turtleback Bag - Unveiling Comfort in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor swimming, particularly in wild and sea settings, can be exhilarating but often presents unique challenges. The Swim Feral Turtleback Bag is here to address these challenges head-on, providing a host of features tailored to the needs of adventurous swimmers like you.

Integrated Insulated Changing Mat: Picture this – you've just completed an invigorating sea swim, and now you need to change out of your wet gear. The Turtleback Bag boasts an integrated insulated changing mat that ensures your feet stay warm and dry even when the ground beneath is frosty. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, cold feet post-swim.

Easy Drawstring Access: We understand that after a refreshing swim, dexterity can be compromised, especially in cold conditions. That's why we've equipped the Turtleback Bag with an easy drawstring access mechanism. No more struggling with zippers when your hands are chilly. Quick and hassle-free access to your gear is guaranteed.

Comfortable to Carry: Your comfort matters, which is why we've designed the Turtleback Bag with adjustable straps. Carry it with ease and convenience, so you can focus on your adventure rather than the load on your back.

Spacious Design: Whether you're packing for a short wild swim or a day of sea swimming, the Turtleback Bag has got you covered. It's generously sized to accommodate all your essentials, and even provides a stable platform for you to stand on while changing.

Protection for Your Belongings: We understand the importance of keeping your clothes dry while you're enjoying your swim. The Turtleback Bag is completely waterproof, washable, and wipeable, ensuring that your gear stays safe and dry, no matter the conditions.

Durability and Sustainability: Quality matters, and that's why the Turtleback Bag is constructed using top-notch materials built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The integrated mat is even crafted from recycled lorry tarpaulin, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Proudly Made in the UK: The Turtleback Bag is a product of skilled craftsmanship, proudly made in Lancashire, UK, by expert bag makers. When you choose the Turtleback Bag, you're not just investing in a quality product; you're supporting local craftsmanship.

**Affiliate Link Disclaimer**

Once again, we'd like to emphasize that we do not keep The Swim Feral Turtleback Bag in stock. Instead, we provide an affiliate link that allows you to make a purchase directly from Swim Feral. By using this link, you not only acquire this fantastic outdoor swimming companion but also contribute to Seabirds through the commission we receive. Your support helps us continue promoting outdoor swimming and adventure.

In summary, the Swim Feral Turtleback Bag is the ultimate solution for outdoor swimmers seeking comfort, convenience, and durability. With its integrated insulated changing mat, easy drawstring access, and waterproof design, it's a must-have for anyone passionate about wild and sea swimming. Purchase yours today through our affiliate link and join us in supporting this remarkable product and the outdoor swimming community.

With various sizes and colours there is a lot of choice in bag - Turtle, Terrapin and even hats and pants! Buy through Seabirds and you help both our social enterprise AND their brilliant business x

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Swim Feral Turtleback Bag

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