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Woolly Core-warmer

Woolly Core-warmer
Woolly Core-warmer
Woolly Core-warmer
Woolly Core-warmer
Woolly Core-warmer

Woolly Core-warmer

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Super cosy and stretchy ultra-warm core-warmers.
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black (merino)
white (angora)

A key bit of our winter swim kit - Core-warmer or Haramaki. Also known as: kidney warmer,  belly-warmer, bump band, tummy tube, body warmer, back-warmer...

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese item of clothing. A tube of soft, stretchy fabric that you pull on and wear around your middle. This 'core warmth' effect spreads to the rest of the body. Fantastic for a quicker recovery when getting out of the sea. Helps with the 'after-drop' effect of cold water swimming and allows your core temperature to recover in less time. 

Really really extra warm haramaki. Available in black and natural (undyed) white

Simple stretchy-knitted rib tube. Unisex. Also known as a kidney-warmer, back-warmer or belly-band.

Fibre content: Merino with lycra (black) and Angora/wool mix (natural/white) 

Machine wash but on wool wash cycle. Keep spin short then gently pull back into shape whilst drying. Air dry.

All sizes measured around the waist.
small = 28"-33"
medium = 34" - 38"
large = 39"-44"
XL = 45"-50"
2 XL = 51"-55"
3 XL = 56"-60"


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    Royal Angora
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Susan - Barton on Sea

Very cosy!

This body warmer is really easy to put on after swimming and really cosy. If wool next to your skin makes you itchy you may prefer the synthetic version but otherwise this is a fab addition to my post-swim clobber.

Jeannette - Brighton

Not only for after swimming!

I love my haramaki, and nor wear it not only after swimming, but also when working from home, sitting still next to a drafty door. Very comfy and warm!

Maria Villa Vine - Isle of Wight

Game changer!

OMG!! I absolutely love my hamakari!!

It is so easy to slip on after a cold dip in the sea & its incredibly toasty!!!

I keep it on ALL day currently as I love it so much!! Go on & do yourself a favour!

Lucy - Hove

The best!

It's the best! And not just for introducing the novelty of the word "haramaki" into your life. I'm someone who really feels the cold and gets the shivers even after an August sea swim so thought I'd try this to help with the warm up after winter swims. Makes such a big difference to warmth that it's no longer just a post-plunge staple but something I wear pretty much every single day, stealthily donned between layers! So helpful for battling through winter.

Ruth - Hove

Haramaki Core Warmer

Who knew what a game changer the angora Haramaki would be?! As someone who shivers pretty much all year round, this is an essential piece of kit, not just for after a cold water swim either. I couldn't and won't ever be without mine, whatever the temperature. Thanks Seabirds Ltd!

Thea Wates - Brighton

I love my wooly core-warmer

This is one of the most essential piece of kit you will ever need if you want to swim through winter. It really makes a difference and helps you warm up more quickly. It's the first thing I put on after I have got out of all my wet swimming gear and I love it. The fit is great and I can't recommend it enough.